MVP of the Off Grid Homestead House

Living off grid is at least in part a quest to be self sufficient. To that end we had to look at how we can meet our needs without outside resources. Food being a top need we obviously grow and raise as much as possible but then we have to store and prepare the food for consumption. We of course collected hundreds and hundreds of canning jars as well as water bath and pressure canners. After that we had to decide how we would heat the canners and cook our food. One easy answer for off grid people is to use a propane stove. While that is effective it isn’t a long term option for self sustainability. We do have a propane stove/oven but we also added a Glenwood C wood cook stove to our kitchen. It has proven itself to be the MVP of our homestead house. In addition to cooking and baking our food it gives us a large surface to use multiple canners at the same time. If that wasn’t enough reason to have one it also provides roughly 25% of the heat for the house and can also heat our hot water. Most of all we don’t need any resources from off our property to run it which makes it 100% self sustaining for us.

We like it so much we bought a second wood cook stove to use in our outdoor kitchen so we can cook in the summertime without adding heat to the house.


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