Let it snow, let it snow…No. No, No!

What a winter it has been. I really can’t complain. Here we are almost at the end of January and we just got our 1st major snow storm of the winter. That is really great for our area. Of course we’ve had a pretty standard amount of cold temperatures but that’s not so bad when you can still see the ground. On our homestead there are many things lost to us during the winter due to the snow cover. But we have been able to continue some projects that we wouldn’t normally be able to. All that came to a screeching halt Saturday night as the snow came down heavily until everything was buried under a foot of snow. Now I can only see snowy mounds of materials for projects and thanks to all the rain we’ve had everything is frozen in. I look longingly towards them dreaming of completing the projects planned for those materials. For now it’s just a dream but hopefully in another 6-8 weeks we can get going again.

Don’t get me wrong, I like snow, I just don’t like the effect it has on our projects, equipment and our overall progress.

Every winter is different and this one was expected to be our best prepared one yet. Last year our plow was our tractor and it broke down as winter came on. We are blessed to have wonderful neighbors that are willing to come plow us out when we can’t do it. If that doesn’t sound like a big deal , it is. We have a 1/4 mile long driveway and other large areas that need to be cleared.

This winter we were ready or so I thought. The tractor ran great all year and I bought a truck with a plow. I went to hook up the plow to my truck and it wouldn’t go right, left or up and down. Tested it out and it needs a new pump. Ok, so no big deal I can just plow with my tractor. I got on and started to start it and as I was turning it over my son that was standing by said “I think we have a problem ” it turns out the same bolt that broke last year broke again this year. Last year I just clamped vise grips on to the broken piece of bolt stuck in the tractor and got another one to put in. This year the bolt broke not leaving enough to get a grip on, what a pain. So once again I had to call my neighbor to plow us out. No matter how self sufficient you want to be it’s still good to have friends.


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