Homestead security

I mean really, why would you need security on a peaceful homestead? Simple, to keep it that way. There’s much to protect on a homestead. At the top of my list is privacy but there’s also protecting my animals from predators and my garden from grazers. I also don’t want people walking through and trampling my wild edibles and medicinal herbs. I don’t want people tearing through the property on dirt bikes, 4 wheelers or snowmobiles. I want my family to be safe walking around the property without getting shot by a hunter and I don’t want to worry about getting sued because somebody comes on my property and gets hurt ( we had a teacher from a nearby school bring his class onto our property, past the No Trespassing signs and around the locked gate and let them climb on and run on train cars we have. I caught them and kicked them out before a kid fell and broke their neck. ). Security on a homestead is as much about protecting the future as it is about protecting the present.

So how do you provide security and protection for your homestead and everything on it? Start with gates at the access points of the property, put up plenty of fencing and No Trespassing signs along the property borders and around garden and livestock areas and keep a firearm handy to deter or stop the 2 and 4 legged predators.

We love visitors but we want them to be invited. People you don’t know don’t usually care about your property and they can be very destructive to what you are trying to develop. Securing our homestead is one of our top priorities and should be yours too.


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